The Inspiring Gareth Thomas Shares His Story

The Inspiring Gareth Thomas Shares His Story

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Gareth Thomas is the only openly gay professional athlete in the world, and today he visited Ellen and shared what it's been like -- and the support he's received from some surprising sources.

Gareth Thomas Hate in the Beautiful Game BBC Documentary 2017

Fifty years ago, homosexual acts between consenting male adults were decriminalised. In this documentary, former Wales and Lions rugby union captain Gareth 'Alf

A Boy Scout Without a Badge

Ryan Andresen put in all of the work to earn his Eagle badge, but after he came out to his friends and family, he was denied his award. He was here to tell Elle

An Inspiring Teacher's Amazing Moves

Students of teacher Jonathan Chiaramonte sent in video of his dance moves that seemed remarkably similar to Ellen's! She invited him here and found out what an

Gareth Thomas - Inspirational Speech

Tom Shanklin reveals Gareth Thomas' finest moment as captain.

Two Huge Surprises for an Ellen Viewer

Ellen surprised one of her viewers, Kylene, and her 3-year-old son Jayden, with a trip to Disneyland. Kylene had no idea that Ellen had not just one, but two mo

J.R. Martinez Recalls Injuries in Iraq

Veteran and "Dancing with the Stars" contestant J.R. Martinez tells Ellen about how his injuries occurred overseas, and how he's been able to stay so positive t

'It Gets Better', LGBT Officers Inspiring Message - Scott Lanson Shares

Scott Lanson Post as Excellent documentary in ' That It Does Get Better ' for the GLBT ( gay, lesbian, BiSexual and Transgender people ) in which gives hope

Gareth Thomas: coming out was 'scariest moment of my life' | Channel 4 News

Subscribe to Channel 4 News: Ahead of a new play documenting the life of Welsh rugby star, Gareth "Alfie" Thomas tells Channel 4 News abo

A Law Student with a Kind Heart Wins Big!

She knew she was 'seeing' the Ellen Show, but she didn't know she was going to be 'on' it! Watch this inspiring law student's heartwarming story, and see what E

Ellen DeGeneres' 86th Oscars Opening

Host Ellen DeGeneres' opening monologue at the 86th Oscars in 2014.

Ellen Loves Surprising Lisa Jarmon!

One of Ellen's favorite viewers was back for an unbelievable surprise. No one appreciates what Ellen does more than Lisa. We hope she can take all of the love!

An Inspirational 150 Pound Weight Loss!

Today Richard Simmons joined one of Ellen's former staff members, David Garcia, as he shared how he lost over 150 pounds in the past year with Richard's help. I

Keegan Hirst: I thought about taking my life before coming out as gay rugby league player

A married father of two, last year Keegan Hirst became the first rugby league player to come out as gay. He spoke to ITV Calendar about how he thought about ta

Gareth Thomas speaks about coming out to the Welsh Rugby Team | The Saturday Night Show

Former Welsh Rugby star, Gareth Thomas speaks about coming out to his team and what their reaction was like. The Saturday Night Show | After the main evening ne

Zach Wahls Talks About His Inspiring Speech

When Ellen saw a video of Zach Wahls delivering a passionate speech to the Iowa legislature in defense of same-sex marriage, she invited him here to share what

A Life-Changing Giveaway!

Two of Ellen's audience members have been through a tragedy and are struggling to make ends meet, so Ellen decided to help them out with a huge surprise.

Guinness Rugby – Ashwin’s Story

Stink London contacted us to create the Digital Content for the new Guinness campaign that would sit alongside John Hillcoat’s main TVC’s. We conducted inte

An Impressive Illusionist Makes His Debut

After seeing an amazing YouTube video of a magic trick, Ellen invited illusionist Eric Ross to make his television debut. His tricks left Ellen speechless.

Gareth Thomas vs Eddie Butler | classic Scrum V 2006

In a classic Scrum V from 2006, Wales captain Gareth Thomas comes into the studio to defend the team in the furore that surrounded Mike Ruddock's departure as n
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