Nikon F4 - The F Word

Nikon F4 - The F Word

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New series of videos about film cameras. The F Word is all about the love of analog photography and in this first episode, I take a look at the Nikon F4 and load it with a roll of Kodak Ektachrome. Film: Thanks to SquareSpace for sponsoring this channel! If you'd like to start up your own website or online shop, visit SquareSpace for a free trail and for 10% off your first purchase, go to Music Blue Wednesday: Clueless Kit: Boke Buddies' Channels: Lok: PJB: Warren: Rita's Instagram: Jonathan Lau:

50mm vs 35mm vs 28mm - Best Street Photography Lens

Which focal length should you get for street photography - 28mm, 35mm or 50mm? Is the 50mm classic for a reason? Is the 28mm too wide? Or is the 35mm the perfec

Ricoh GR1 // The F Word - Ep. 02

The most iconic premium film compact camera. Ever. Well, one of them. Thanks to Squarespace for sponsoring this channel! If you'd like to start up your own we

$75 Camera Challenge - Kai vs Lok!

With just $75 to buy a camera and lens, what could you get for your money? Here's what Kai and Lok got and what they got up to in Cologne! Special thanks Marti

Nikon F4: Unsung Cameras Of Yesteryear

The Nikon F4 was Nikon's flagship film camera in the late 80s and early 90s. Disappointing for many pros, it has an often maligned place in Nikon's history. How


Whilst at CP+ Lok caught up with Bellamy Hunt, better known as Japan Camera Hunter. Bellamy showed Lok round the I.C.S. vintage camera fair in Ginza and talked

Nikon D500 vs D750 Hands-on Comparison

Kai and Paul have a Nikon orgy with the D500 ( and D750 ( [Playlist]: [Subscribe]: http://b

The Analogue Photography Series: Film is Still Alive

Why shoot with a film camera when you can use your smartphone? We talk to both professional and amateur photographers to find out why they love film. ---------

How to Improve Your Photography for Noobs

Tips to help beginner photographers up their photo game! Click to get your 2 month free trial to Skillshare: Filmed with: https://www.adora

Nikon Z7 - Best Choice Full Frame Mirrorless?

Thanks to Adorama for sponsoring this video! Nikon Z6 Body Only: Nikon Z6 w/ 2

$56K 100MP Alpa Phase One Shoot Fail

I got given a $56K Alpa medium format camera to review. Here's what went wrong during the making of the review, plus unboxing and behind the scenes schtuff. h

Classic Camera - Nikon F4s

A look at one of the most robust, ground-breaking cameras to emerge from the photographically innovative 1980s. This camera really turned the world on its head

Are these photographers CHEATING?

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Canon 600mm f/4L II Hands-on + NAT GEO Wild!

Honoured to have been part of Nat Geo Wild's Untamed Coyotes episode - watch it here: Canon 600mm: https://www.ador

AnalogRev: Eric Kim with Leica M6 & M2

In this very special video we meet Eric Kim in Hong Kong to talk about Leicas: the M6 & M2. We shoot some streets shots and get dressed up in rather appropriate

Film vs Digital: Can You Tell the Difference?

Everyone is trying to achieve the film look. But can you get by with using a digital camera? FILM STOCK: FILM EMULATION CONTEST: http:/

Nikon Z6 - Best All Round "Affordable" Full Frame Mirrorless?

Thanks to Adorama for sponsoring this video! Nikon Z6 Body Only: Nikon Z6 w/

Bored of Photography - How to Liven Up Your Photo Game!

Find out more about Videoblocks here: Video Shot with: GH5: Panasonic Leica

Film Camera Thrifting || NIKON SLR AND LENSES!

What's gucci youtube, today we go film camera thrifting, searching for steals in the deals! Let's see if we can find something! If you guys liked this video and

The Nikon F4 Is An Easy Fit For Your Nikon Kit

I left Nikon when the F4 came out. I just didn't like it and opted for the ergonomically smooth Canon EOS system. My favorite 35mm camera was and is the Nikon F

Sony a6300 Hands-on Review

Kai brings the A6300 ( to a vintage car show and a few conventions to test it out. [Playlist]: [Subscribe]: http:/
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