Video News Release - Walmart Announces "Great For You" food labeling initiative

Video News Release - Walmart Announces "Great For You" food labeling initiative


Walmart has announced plans to make it easier for busy shoppers to identify more nutritious food choices on store shelves - just by looking at the package.

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What children eat for breakfast has a lasting effect on the rest of their day, especially when it comes to learning in school. Dairy MAX is a local non-profit

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Luana Rubin cell: 303-249-4813 office: 303-516-1718 [email protected] Million Dollar Quilts from Boulder, CO

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Showing a store display of the most readily available reasonably priced (but not absolute cheapest) long term storage food option sold in the state of Oregon an

Walmart Christmas Layaway Video News Release

To help families deliver a big Christmas this year, Walmart announced today that it will offer a Christmas layaway program for two of the season's most popular

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