Laal baba street massage with stick pain Reif massage.

Laal baba street massage with stick pain Reif massage.

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The smoke master Lal baba name given by a subcriber and I got it very cool name, so today I gave him a name with that only. This is fourth and last session with lal baba for my back pain relief and today 's session was so relaxing, specially when baba rubbed my back with his leg. He was in a village for three four days for critical dislocated bone treatment. I brought one gift for him of Red shirt. In my first video with baba, I had wrote that if anyone get reliefed from baba, they gift one shirt piece to baba. I'm also giving for the same reason. I took bless from him by touching his feets. In general I do the same, whenever I met him but for the first time, I put in the video to let you know that how we Indians respect the elder. Freinds I know some people feels bad, when aged lal baba touch my feets but my freind, that's his job and taking masaage is my job for my channel. So never judge me as negative attitude. Freinds if you enjoy the video and want more massage from him, so let me know with your valuable comments, very soon Lal baba is coming to my studio and my female freinds and brother are coming to take joy from Lal baba. Please subscribe my channel to get regular notification updates of my new videos and do not hesitate to suggest me for anything. Goodnight and sweet dreams. Love you Baba Sen . RIP. Indian barber Tez #streetmassage #lalbaba #bodymassage

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