SketchUp 2017: What's new?

SketchUp 2017: What's new?

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SketchUp is 3D modeling software that’s easy to learn, fun to use, and incredibly productive. Here’s what’s new in our latest release: SketchUp 2017! Same .SKP. New DNA Nothing Matters more than how fast, smoothly, and reliably your models render in SketchUp. This year, we made big changes to make SketchUp work even better. High DPI Modeling We've dialed in snapping, inferencing, and drawing, so SketchUp is as crisp as ever on high definition monitors (like Apple's Retina Display). Inferences abound... Often, the subtleties of inferencing make for 3D magic. We tweaked SketchUp's drawing paradigm this year to keep sketching smooth. 3D for everyone No matter how you observe color, SketchUp should work brilliantly. With new accessibility color customization for axes and inferencing, we invite you to paint your own shade of SketchUp. Got spreadsheets? Superb documents communicate through drawings and information, so we built Tables; a great way to manager spreadsheets in LayOut. Hi-fidelity DWGs Do you use SketchUp linework in other CAD applications? LayOut's enhanced DWG/DXF exporter is going to be your new best friend. Associated Dimensions Make a change to your model: any dimensions you've already drawn in LayOut will respect your edit. A special bit of SketchUp magic makes this possible.

SketchUp Training Series: Match Photo part 2

Make sure to understand the basics of match photo in part 1. Now that you have started your model, this video will cover how to use multiple photos as reference

Getting Started with SketchUp - Part 1

Learn the fundamentals of SketchUp by following along with this video series. Each video is a mini-project that will introduce new tools and essential technique

Cutting a Window in Rapunzel's Tower

Trying to draw a window in a tower or a fairy tale castle? Follow along as Aaron highlights the Solid Tool functionality to cut a window in Rapunzel’s tower.

SketchUp Skill Builder: Reference Images

Have you ever had to model something from reference images, but were not sure of the best way to get set up to start modeling? This Skill Builder will walk you

SketchUp Skill Builder: Window Reflections

Have you ever created an incredible SketchUp model of a building and been less than impressed with your glass texture? Here is a quick Skill Builder that will

Can you do that in SketchUp?

“Can you do that in SketchUp?” -- If you can believe it, SketchUp turned fifteen years old this past year. And still, we meet so man

How to Build Stairs in 3D Software - SketchUp

Need to know how to build stairs in your 3D SketchUp models? This video teaches how to build stairs in the 3D software Sketchup. You’ll learn the basic skills

SketchUp: Solid Tools

SketchUp Skill Builder: Modeling a Bag of Chips in SketchUp

The sandbox toolset is a great set of tools that help you to model things like... well... sandboxes... but also landscapes. Most people would not think to grab

SketchUp Skill Builder: Painting Textures on Curved Surfaces

Follow along as Josh highlights the process of painting textures on curved surfaces in SketchUp. If you've already mastered the application of textures on flat

SketchUp Skill Builder: Modeling a Spring

Modeling a spring in SketchUp is actually pretty easy if you use the Follow Me tool. This video will dive a little deeper and help to make your modeling process

SketchUp Skill Builder: SketchUp to GoogleEarth

Getting a geolocated SketchUp file into Google Earth is even easier than you think!

Custom Home Designers Utilize SketchUp for Brilliant Results

Trilogy Partners ( centers their design/build process around client centered design. Using what he calls Project Management Modeling (P

SketchUp Extension Inspection: PlaceMaker

How long does it take you to model a building in SketchUp? Ok, how about a city block of buildings? How about two dozen city blocks, including all streets, side

SketchUp Skill Builder: Polygon Tips

We all know and love the Polygon tool, right? Sure we do! A lot of us don't know that there is more to this simple tool than first meets the eye. Check out a fe

SketchUp Skill Builder: Let's Get Aligned

When it comes to getting the perfect view in SketchUp, it is hard to beat the alignment tools in SketchUp's context menu. For those of you who have not yet used

SketchUp Extension Inspection: Medeek Truss Plugin

Drawing in trusses into your SketchUp model can be a time consuming process. Fortunately, Medeek Truss Plugin makes it quick and easy to get great looking Truss

3D Basecamp 2016 – Quad Modeling for Smooth Geometry

Quad modeling? Quad meshes? Whether you’ve heard of this terminology or not, you may be interested in this session. A quad mesh is more regular and predictabl

SketchUp Extension Inspection: 3D Offset

Don't you just hate how the Offset command only works in 2d? There MUST be a way to offset surfaces in 3D, right? Well, there is! 3D Offset from Wisext! Down
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