Pronunciation with Lisa. Sound TH [ θ ], [ ð ].

Pronunciation with Lisa. Sound TH [ θ ], [ ð ].

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Pronunciation with Lisa. Sound TH [ θ ], [ ð ].

Pronounce the TH Sounds PERFECTLY | English Pronunciation

In this video I explain IN DETAIL how to pronounce the two TH sounds in English. I explain how to say both the voiced and the unvoiced (voiceless) TH sounds. I

How to Pronounce TH | The ULTIMATE Guide for English Learners!

How to Pronounce TH Improve your English pronunciation by training with mmmEnglish! This is the ULTIMATE Pronunciation

Native English Pronunciation: TH, THR, and TR - American English Pronunciation Course & Shadowing with Shayna - these courses will help you practice and improve your pronunciation, so

TH Sound - Practice Tip - Tom Kelley - Rachel's English

Three things to keep in mind while learning the TH sound: 1) tongue tip between teeth, 2) TH is gentle, 3) Keep tongue low. Private Lessons with Tom: http

How to Get a British Accent - Lesson 7 - "L and T pronunciation"

Lesson 7 in our series on How to get a British accent focuses on the pronunciation of the L and T. Support us on Patreon:

Pronunciation: /θ/ & /ð/ (minimal pairs)

Listen to and repeat these sets of minimal pairs to improve your pronunciation of /θ/ & /ð/! This video was created to help with the pronunciation of phoneme

English Pronunciation: How to say words ending with -OW: grow, cow, slow, now...

Some letter combinations in English can be pronounced in different ways, and that is the case for the sound "-ow". It can be said in both a long sound and a sho

Vowel Sound / ɑ / as in "got"- American English Pronunciation

Learn how to pronounce vowel sound /ɑ/. Practice pronunciation of the /ɑ/ sound, used in words like "hot," "wash," or "calm". Find about the essential spell

Voiced TH|ð| and Voiceless TH|θ| - Jennifer

Listen to the video at least 2 times. Transcribe the words and sentences TH|ð| and TH|θ| that Jennifer used.

English Pronunciation - Th & S Probably the two most mispronounced sounds that cause misunderstood communication in English -- TH and S. Now learn how to sound them cor

TH Sound - Basic English Pronunciation

Book A Skype English Lesson With Me: The TH sound is very distinctive within the English language. This British Englis

Learn English Pronunciation: TH & THR

Learn and practice the correct English pronunciation of two tricky sounds: TH and THR. These sounds are very common in English, but they can be difficult for En

How to pronounce the th /θ/ sound | American English Pronunciation


The TH Sound In English The "TH" sound in English is difficult to pronounce for some people. In this video AJ teaches two ways to pronounce TH

English Sounds - The Two TH Consonants [θ] and [ð]

Learn the Sounds of American English! This video covers the Two TH Consonants [θ] and [ð]. Perfect your American Accent! Buy the whole set of videos, the S

English "TH" Pronunciation Practice for Real Natural English!

Taken from the "Pronunciation Keys" video (100 minutes) at This video teaches students to improve their English listening compreh

Perfect TH Pronunciation | British English Pronunciation Lesson | Voiceless TH Sound

Perfect your pronunciation of the voiceless TH sound. This is the British English pronunciation. Download the notes and MP3 for this lesson: https://britishen

Pronunciation - TH - through, weather, lethal, breath, breathe Did you know there are two ways to pronounce the "TH" sound in English? Find out the difference in sound between words like "three" and "

Voiceless Consonants. Pronunciation Tips.

Improve your pronunciation and understanding of voiceless consonants in this episode of pronunciation tips. Watch all 44 programmes to help you become a fluent
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